Серія потужних вибухів прогриміла вчора на військових об'єктах окупантів в Криму / скріншот
A series of powerful explosions thundered yesterday at the military facilities of the occupiers in Crimea / screenshot

In the next two to three months, there may be more explosions at the military facilities of the occupiers in Crimea.

This was stated in an interview with The Guardian by the adviser to the head of the OP Mykhailo Podolyak.

According to Podoliak, the fire at the ammunition warehouse of the Russian troops in the Dzhankoy district served as a reminder that “Crimea, occupied by the russians, is an explosion of warehouses and a high risk of death of invaders and thieves.”

The publication notes that Ukraine has not taken responsibility for the strikes. However, these remarks can also be interpreted as an admission that Ukraine is trying to accumulate the number of people and military equipment necessary to carry out a full-fledged counteroffensive in the south of the country.

Podoliak asked for “another 50, 60, 80” MSDS in addition to the existing arsenal.

An aide to the OP chief admitted that the attack on the air base in Novofedorivka last week could have been the work of partisans, but rejected any suggestion that it could have been an accident, as Moscow said immediately afterwards.