In the villages, the occupiers looted, mocked people and killed civilians / photo REUTERS

Documents left by the occupiers were found in Dymer, Kyiv Region. The military fled and did not even take their staff records. Due to this, it was possible to identify some of the occupiers. We are talking about the military of the so-called “elite” 83rd airborne battalion.

Journalists of “Investigation.Info” found the pages of Russians who killed Ukrainians in the villages of Demidov, Kozarovichi and Dymer on social networks.
In these villages, the occupiers looted, mocked people and killed civilians. The russians set up their headquarters on the territory of the Viknaland plant in Dimer, and when they fled the Kyiv region, they did not even take away their documents. The list of personnel of the mortar platoon of the 83rd separate assault brigade with the location of Ussuriysk has already been found there. This unit in russia is considered “elite”.

However, according to journalists, the vast majority of such “elite” soldiers do not even have higher education. Some of them graduated from only 9 classes or technical school.

Thanks to the documents left, it was found out that the deputy commander of the platoon that terrorized Kyiv region is Vyacheslav Yurtaev. He is 29 years old, he comes from Vladivostok.

Photo of the occupier Yurtaev / photo

When Yurtaev fled, he even forgot to take away his pass, which was issued to him by the russian ministry of Defense. Journalists found the occupier’s pages on russian social networks, but he did not update them for a long time.

Yurtaev's pass / photo

After analyzing the pages of the russians, it seems that they are hiding their pages and do not really want to write real names. Private Vadim Damyanov from Omsk, russia, for example, said on social media that his “name” was Vadim Orlov. The occupier is actively maintaining a page in “Odnoklassniki”.

Occupier Vadim Damianov / photo

Another russian military man, 20-year-old private Danil Kalinin, took the name Yakovlev on his “Vkontakte” page. The occupier from Ussuriysk regularly visits social networks, and the last post he made on February 18, a few days before the start of a full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine. Kalinin is married, his wife writes that she misses him and even sees him in dreams.

Danil Kalinin / photo

But the wife of 39-year-old sergeant Andriy Bikbulatov from Ussuriysk publishes many photos with her husband and distributes anti-Ukrainian articles about the war.

Russian military Andrei Bikbulatov / photo

The profile of the mother of 32-year-old sergeant Maxim Prasolov was also found in “Odnoklassniki”. The woman published photos with her son, in which he poses in the form of landing troops of the russian federation.

Occupier Maxim Prasolov / photo

Another occupier, 26-year-old corporal Dmitry Ignatov from Chita, posted a picture of a bear and a russian flag on the main photo of his profile. And he hid the date of birth. However, journalists found Ignatov’s old page, where he left more information about himself, thanks to which he was identified.

26-year-old Corporal Dmitry Ignatov from Chita / photo

Sergeant Vadym Matsyutsya, a native of Ussuriysk, actively maintains social networks and visits his website even during the war. The father of the 31-year-old soldier is a big supporter of the “russian peace” and publishes posts with russian propaganda.

Occupier Vadim Matsyutsya / photo

Vladislav Kavera, a 22-year-old private, has several pages on social networks, but he does not keep them now. However, there are photos of the occupier who took part in the atrocities in Kyiv region.

Vladislav Kavera has several pages in social networks / photo