Destruction of the occupiers' tank / Screenshot
Destruction of the occupiers’ tank / Screenshot

Photographs of torn-off towers as a result of Ukrainian weapons hitting russian tanks indicate a problem with the design of this equipment, also known as the “snuffbox”.

This was reported by The Washington Post.

The malfunction is related to the way russian tanks, including the T-72, store and load ammunition.

In these Soviet machines, all the shells are arranged in a circle inside the tower. When an enemy shot hits the desired target, the ammunition wheel can quickly cause a chain reaction, tearing the turret from the tank hull with a deadly blow.

The ammunition of the main tank of the occupiers T-72 is in the carousel loading machine just below the main tower and crew members.

“All members of the crew are killed when they hit the ammunition compartment. All the shells – about 40 of them – depending on whether they are fully loaded or not – all will burn. All will be dead”, – said a professor at the Army Military College. USA Robert E. Hamilton.

According to experts, Ukrainians are aware of this vulnerability of enemy tanks and skillfully use it.

At the same time, there is a significant difference between Soviet and Western-made tanks.

“American tanks have long focused on the survival of the crew, unlike the russian ones. In fact, it’s just a difference in the design of the ammunition storage compartment and a difference in priorities”, – said Hamilton.

Ammunition in most western tanks can be stored under the tower floor, protected by a heavy hull, or in the rear of the tower. At the same time, such a compartment in the tower itself is potentially vulnerable to impact, built-in functions can prevent “decapitation” of tanks.

According to Hamilton, in the construction of russian tanks, priority is given to rate of fire, firepower, invisibility, speed and maneuverability, rather than human survivability.

This technique is usually lighter and simpler, has thinner and less perfect armor than the Western manufacturer.

Hamilton added that for the US military, “if the tank is destroyed and the crew survives, you will be able to build a new tank faster than training a new crew”.

“For russia, people are the same consumables as cars. The russians have known about this for 31 years – I must say that they just decided not to do anything about it”, – the expert concluded.