The Foreign Ministry responded to Macron's remark about fraternal peoples \ photo by REUTERS

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Ukraine is disappointed that french President Emmanuel Macron did not dare to call the atrocities of the russian occupiers in Ukraine genocide, and also explained why russia’s propaganda about the “brotherly people” is inappropriate.

This is stated in the comments of Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko.

“The reluctance of french President Emmanuel Macron to recognize the genocide of Ukrainians after all the outspoken statements of the russian leadership and the criminal actions of the russian military is disappointing. Ukraine and russia are historically close for objective reasons, but the myth of two fraternal peoples Donbass in 2014. Then the russian “brothers” allegedly came to protect the russian-speaking population. But in eight years, killed 14 thousand Ukrainians”, – he explained to Macron in response.

The diplomat stressed that the myths about the fraternal people were finally shattered when the first russian missiles flew into Ukrainian cities in February.

“The “brotherly” people do not kill children, do not shoot civilians, do not rape women, do not mutilate the elderly and do not destroy the homes of other “brotherly” people. Even the fiercest enemies do not commit atrocities against defenseless people”, – he said.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman stressed that now there are no moral or real grounds to talk about “fraternal” ties between the russian and Ukrainian peoples.

Today it became known that the President of France Emmanuel Macron refused to call russia’s atrocities in Ukraine genocide. Asked by reporters whether he would call russia’s actions “genocide”, – he said no, CNN reports.