East and south are the intermediate goals of russia before the second attempt to capture Ukraine / photo REUTERS

East and south are intermediate goals before russia’s second attempt to seize all of Ukraine.
This statement was made by Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar on the national telethon.

“Today, the South, as well as the East, is concentrating on the enemy’s great efforts to conquer this territory. These are the intermediate goals that the enemy sets for himself before aiming at the whole of Ukraine for the second time. Because they did it for the first time in 2014”, – said Malyar.

The Deputy Minister called the south and east the strategic goals of the enemy. She also called the situation with these regions “very difficult.”

We will remind, according to fresh data, the enemy doesn’t leave attempts to gain a foothold on administrative borders of the Kherson area. And in Donbass, the occupiers attack Ukrainian defenders every day. Over the past day, the Ukrainian Armed Forces repulsed six attacks by the occupiers in the region. Attempts to attack cost the russians 4 tanks, 5 units of armored vehicles and 26 vehicles. The list of destroyed targets also includes 8 artillery systems.