In the Red Forest, the russian occupiers tried to cook porridge from coffee beans.

This was reported by the SBGS on its official Facebook page.

“Border guards as part of the Defense Forces are inspecting the territory from where the defenders of Ukraine drove out the invaders.
In the Chornobyl zone, border guards were convinced that the orcs were really well buried in the Red Forest.
They lived in abandoned huts in 1986 and had picnics in the radioactively contaminated area”, – border guards said.

According to them, the occupiers ate not only biscuits, but also looted food.

“Many of the products of the orc were probably seen for the first time in Ukraine, because they tried to cook porridge from coffee beans”, – the SBGS said.

It will be recalled that the russian occupiers destroyed the long-standing archive of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.