russia has concentrated efforts to capture Severodonetsk /
russia has concentrated efforts to capture Severodonetsk /

The Russian occupiers tried to break through to Severodonetsk from four directions, were repulsed and retreated.

The head of the Luhansk regional military administration Sergey Gaidai reports about it in the Telegram.

“The russians tried to break into Severodonetsk at once from four directions, but got a decent rebuff and retreated to their previous positions… The enemy conducted offensive and assault operations in the areas of Oskolonivka, Purdivka, Shchedryshchevo and Smolyaninovo… However, artillery and mortar shelling of residential areas continued. Almost every controlled settlement was affected. The span of the bridge near the railway station between Severodonetsk and Lysychansk was destroyed. In addition, several people who were photographing military equipment were detained yesterday. The SSU will deal with them”, – he said.

Gaidai also noted that seven houses in Severodonetsk were damaged in a day, and five in Lysychansk. Also five – in Toshkivka and Nyrkovo. Four – in Vrubivka, three – in the Mountain and Gold, two – in Privilege.
The exact number of houses destroyed after the shelling of Novodruzhesk, where the housing stock was damaged on three streets, has not been established yet. As in Vrubovka, where the enemy struck an air strike.