photo Twitter / Oleksiy Reznikov

Deliveries from the security package for Ukraine in the amount of $ 800 million in profits from the United States “over the weekend.”

This was stated by Pentagon spokesman John Kirby during a briefing on Monday, CNN reports. Another parcel will arrive “in the next 24 hours,” Kirby added.

“We give priority to those opportunities in those deliveries that, as we know, are most needed by Ukrainians: Javelins, Stingers, UAVs, so all this is a priority”, – Kirby said.

As reported on Friday, the Ministry of Defense announced another package of “additional assistance” worth $ 300 million in accordance with the powers granted by the Ukraine Security Initiative (USAI).

Kirby said the $ 300 million package, which should be purchased from contractors rather than US stockpiles, is simply “another tool in a set of tools” to help Ukraine.

“The fact that we are using USAI is just another tool in a set of tools, it does not mean a deficit that affects the readiness of the United States at this stage”, – Kirby said.