essential goods​

Armor protection
(Level 3A)

Helmets and body armor (Kevlar)
Armor plates

optics and electronics

Night vision devices
Optical sights
Night vision sights
Aiming cameras
Thermal imaging sights
Thermal imagers


Tactical goggles
Knee pads
Elbow pads

Drones and additional equipment

Quadcopters (drones)
Batteries at least 2500 mAh
Boosters (amplifiers) of the signal

Tactical first
aid kits

Hemostatic drugs
Anti-cold / anti-inflammatory drugs

Laptops and tablets

Protected laptops
Protected tablets

Constant needs at the forefront

Electro-technical means:

  • radio stations with channel coding;
  • power banks;
  • underbarrel lanterns;
  • rechargeable lights;
  • diesel electric generators;
  • chainsaws.

Military ammunition:

  • sleeping bags;
  • karrimats;
  • thermoses.

Clothes and shoes:

  • thermal underwear (sizes L-XL-XXL);
  • socks, incl. thermo;
  • military boots;
  • rubber boots;
  • army raincoats;
  • balaclavas.


  • resuscitation vehicles;
  • minibuses.
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Charitable Organization
"All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation Union of Paratroopers Veterans"

Date of foundation: 25.06.2015

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Public organization
"Union of Paratrooper Veterans"

Date of foundation: 12.08.2015

USR record No: 10721020000032870

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