The Russian cruiser "Moscow" lined up in the Black Sea will be incapacitated for a year, Ukrainian analysts reported / Wikipedia

There is a possibility that the warhead of the Russian Black Sea Fleet “Moscow” could have nuclear warheads.

This was reported by Defense Express with reference to the assessments of experts, including designers and naval officers.

16 units of anti-ship missiles P-1000 “Vulcan” can be equipped with a nuclear warhead with a capacity of 350 kt or conventional 500-kg high-explosive cumulative.

The Moscow missile cruiser is part of the Black Sea Fleet’s permanent readiness force. That is, according to the team, he must go out to sea in a minimum of time to perform combat missions.

Reloading of P-500/1000 missiles is performed exclusively on the bases of ships and requires significant time.

The proportions between conventional and nuclear munitions currently used to arm missile cruisers in Russia are unknown. In Soviet times, it could be several missiles of 16 units.

Other nuclear weapons may also be placed on the cruiser. For example, an anti-aircraft missile for the Fort complex, a naval version of the S-300.

Several such missiles, during the Soviet era, were part of the ammunition of 64 missiles for this anti-aircraft missile system.

What happened

On April 13, an explosion occurred on the russian cruiser Moscow near Odessa. Ukraine has confirmed that it has launched a missile strike on a ship from Neptune.

Russia, in turn, confirmed the explosions of ammunition in “Moscow”.

The missile cruiser took part in the wars in Georgia and Syria, and in 2014 the ship blocked Ukrainian ships in Donuzlav. Since 2016, the ship has not gone to sea due to poor technical condition.

In 2020, Moscow completed a three-year overhaul with modernization.

On February 24, the first day of the russian invasion, the missile cruiser Moscow took part in the attack on Snake Island. There, the “russian warship”, in response to the offer to surrender, heard the world-famous phrase – a symbol of Ukraine’s struggle.

After the missile cruiser “Moscow” with 16 cruise missiles failed, the total volley of cruise missiles of russian Black Sea Fleet ships in the Black Sea decreased from 72 to 56, said the head of the Institute of Black Sea Strategic Studies Andrei Klimenko.