Російські пропагандисти вже могли почати виправдовувати вчинок десантника та казати, що "такого не було" / фото REUTERS

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has announced the identification of a russian paratrooper from Pskov who raped a baby and was able to fight in Ukraine.

The head of state said this during an address to the Lithuanian parliament.

The President spoke about the atrocities of the occupiers and the horrific incident that became known recently. The Pskov paratrooper mocked the baby, his identity has already been established.

“Hundreds of cases of rape have been recorded, including underage girls and very young children. And even a baby. It’s scary to talk about it now, but it’s true, it was. Even this person, this russian soldier Bychkov from Pskov is established. The paratrooper or special forces officer who sent this video to his comrades, a video of what he does to the baby, how he mocks the baby. This is the russian military, the “defender of children”, this is the special operation that was planned in Moscow, this is the story of the struggle for “russian peace”. This is what the russian army and russian paratroopers from Pskov will now be associated with”, – Zelensky said.

According to the president, russian propagandists could already begin to justify the action of the paratrooper and say that “this was not the case.” In addition, the propagandists could even say that it was “protection”.

“I am sure that the protection of russian-speakers, and this crime, as well as any such crime, will remain the responsibility, including propagandists, including those who educate such paratroopers from Pskov, and including those in Europe who still do not excludes russian propaganda from television networks”, – Zelensky said.

He also asked how the russian Minister of Defense and other authors of the idea of starting a full-scale war reacted to the action of the paratrooper.

“Maybe the defense minister will invite such Pskov paratroopers to protect his children? To his home, children and grandchildren. Does he not want that? I’m sure he will be afraid”, – the president added.

Paratrooper Bychkov: what is known about him

On April 9, soldier Oleksiy Bychkov was detained in russia. He recorded a video of sexual abuse of an infant, and his paratrooper intentionally or accidentally sent it to his colleagues. Bychkov serves in the military unit №64044 in the suburbs of Pskov. According to media reports, all military units in the Pskov region are currently fighting in Ukraine.