Armed Forces burned russian equipment / video screen
Armed Forces burned russian equipment / video screen

In the southern direction, the army of the russian federation tried to move through Ukrainian territory. However, Ukrainian defenders quickly identified the occupiers and dealt them a devastating blow.

A group of troops “South” released a video showing the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine smashing russian equipment.

The occupiers tried to pass through Ukrainian territory unnoticed, but received a powerful blow from the Armed Forces.

The racists, who were trying to slip past, were noticed by the artillerymen of the “South” group. They struck a column of vehicles, after which none of the russian occupiers reached their destination.

“Artillerymen of the” South “group of troops will not allow the enemy to move unnoticed on Ukrainian territory and strike at the local population. So keep our defenders. We believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine!”, – commented the powerful video department.

According to the General Staff, the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated about 24,500 personnel of the russian enemy army. Defenders also destroyed 1,077 tanks and 194 fighters.