The plan envisages provoking a humanitarian catastrophe throughout Ukraine / Illustration by REUTERS

From February 24 Russia fired over 1,200 ballistic, cruise and supersonic missiles in Ukraine, 467 of them in residential areas.

As reported by TSN, this was stated by the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN Serhiy Kyslytsia on March 29 at a meeting of the UN Security Council on Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

“After the failure of its initial blitzkrieg plan, Russian troops switched to Plan B. This plan is to provoke a humanitarian catastrophe throughout Ukraine and destroy my country’s agricultural potential to intimidate the Ukrainian political leadership and people and persuade them to surrender,” Kislytsia said.

He noted that “the toolkit is wide and extremely brutal. It includes the deliberate destruction of residential areas and critical infrastructure, rocket fire across the country, siege of cities, violations of humanitarian corridor agreements, terror against civilians in occupied areas, including abductions and killings.” So far, the occupiers have abducted about 30 local leaders, activists and journalists. ”