Centurion C-RAM / US Army complex
Centurion C-RAM / US Army complex

It is not the first time since the beginning of the invasion that the racists have attacked such military facilities as the training grounds where our fighters train.

In particular, the Yavoriv test site in the Lviv region, the test site in the Rivne region, and recently the Desna training center in the Chernihiv region were hit. Due to the fact that such launches take place hundreds of kilometers away, the only way to prevent them is to intercept and destroy these missiles in the air.

Therefore, all that remains is to strengthen our air and missile defenses. And a complex that was created to destroy missiles can be quite an effective option for effective protection against such attacks. We are talking about the Centurion C-RAM complex.

Centurion C-RAM

The US Army in Iraq once faced the problem of protecting military bases from shelling. In 2005, the army asked gunsmiths to develop a means to intercept missiles, artillery shells and mines. The answer was ready in six months in the form of Centurion C-RAM.

Centurion C-RAM / US Army control panel
Centurion C-RAM / US Army control panel

This speed is due to the fact that this is a land version of the well-known and extremely effective missile defense system Phalanx CIWS, which has existed since the 70’s. All that was needed was to put it on the trailer in which the system itself was located and all the necessary power units and control point.

The system quickly proved its effectiveness and in three years 20 systems have been manufactured. During this time, they successfully repulsed 105 attacks, most of which were using mortars. That is, small speed targets were destroyed in general. Therefore, it is not surprising that the order was later increased by another 23 systems.

This efficiency of Centurion is explained quite simply – it is fully automated. The operator can simply turn it on and Centurion will inspect the specified sector, identify targets, open fire and stop firing after they are destroyed. Alternatively, the operator reserves the right to open fire. Full manual mode is just a freelance option.

Centurion C-RAM / US Army complex
Centurion C-RAM / US Army complex

Such automation is the only possibility for the complex, which was created to intercept anti-ship missiles. In conditions when the cost of a millisecond is the destruction of the entire ship, it is logical that a person was removed from this process.

Centurion C-RAM capabilities

In fact, the C-RAM is a robotic high-speed turret with the M61 Vulcan, which uses its own centimeter-range radar station as well as a thermal imager to aim at the target. This allows the system to detect targets, calculate their trajectory and send it to meet hundreds of shells. In practice, this is as follows:

The rate of fire of the 20-mm six-barrel automatic gun M61 Vulcan is 4500 shots per minute, i.e. 75 shots per second. That’s enough to just blow up air targets. The effective firing range is 5.5 km, and the guaranteed area it protects is 1.2 square km.

Centurion C-RAM features

  • Main armament: M61 Vulcan
  • Ammunition: 20×102 mm
  • Rate of fire: 4500 shots per minute
  • Shooting range: 5.5 km