Charitable Organization
All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation Union of Paratroopers Veterans

We protect the interests of paratroopers veterans of Ukraine.
We are engaged in moral and patriotic education of young people, their physical and military training.
We provide volunteer medical, military and social assistance to Ukrainian soldiers on the line of contact and members of their families in the rear.

Our history

Years 2004 - 2005

In 2005, during the protests of Ukrainian citizens caused by the massive rigging of the 2004 presidential election in favor of the pro-government candidate, citizens who cared about Ukraine’s fate and freedom of choice rallied. Veteran paratroopers took an active part in the events of the Orange Revolution and provided assistance to the Maidan, as well as demonstrated that they do not care about our country, and the concept of Democracy and Freedom – not just loud words.

Since then, many of our brothers and sisters have united and decided to constantly work to protect the rights and freedoms of man and citizen of Ukraine, comprehensive support for education, health, science, culture, arts and sports, spiritual and educational activities. We established cooperation with veteran paratroopers from different regions of Ukraine, held joint consultations and developed action programs to improve legal relations in the country to protect freedom of speech, combat corruption, establish justice and much more.

Years 2013 - 2014

But 2013 showed that the struggle for the rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens is only gaining momentum, as the country’s political leadership has departed from the statutory course of European integration and in the future wanted to abandon this course. The Revolution of Dignity began and again our paratroopers were among those who fearlessly came out in defense of our freedom, and again took an active part in the events of the Maidan, supporting it with their active participation, knowledge and experience. And in the spring of 2014, when the war in Donbass began, they did not hesitate to take up arms and went to defend Ukraine.

Once in the war zones, it turned out that there were more people willing to defend the Motherland than weapons, especially modern ones. The issue of providing the soldiers of the volunteer detachments with weapons, ammunition, food, modern technical means of protection, medicines and many other equipment became acute. Therefore, a decision was made to establish the Union of Veterans of the Paratroopers, as well as to provide assistance to our Armed Forces of Ukraine, the All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation Union of Veterans of the Paratroopers. A team of patriots was quickly formed, who began to support the military in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO)/ joint forces operation (JFO) by all available means.


During the ATO/JFO, the fund provided charitable assistance to military units located in the combat zone, volunteer units, as well as provided assistance to orphanages, military families in the anti-terrorist operation zone, and large families.

Public work

On May 6, 2015, a symbolic educational event was held at Gymnasium No 290 to mark the 70th anniversary of the Victory over Nazism in Europe under the slogan: “1939–1945. We remember! We are winning!”

An alley of rose bushes donated by the Union of Paratroopers of Ukraine in Kyiv was planted on the territory of the institution.

Distinguished veterans of the Second World War, participants of hostilities in the East of Ukraine, veterans-paratroopers, the head of Darnytsya district in Kiev state administration Sintsov Gennady, the deputy of the Kiev city council Kostyuk Sergey, the representative of Department of education and science, youth and sports of KSCA joined work with pleasure. Tkachenko Victoria, Head of the Department of Education DRDA Spysovska Eugene, Head of the Department of Educational Work RUO Angela, Chairman of the All-Ukrainian Organization of Paratroopers Colonel Sergey Lisovyi, Chairman of the Union of Paratroopers of Ukraine in Kiev Oleg Khudenko, high school students, teachers.

The action ended with a touching concert prepared by students of the school.

Department of Education and Science of the Kyiv City State Administration

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Charitable Organization
"All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation Union of Paratroopers Veterans"

Date of foundation: 25.06.2015

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Public organization
"Union of Paratrooper Veterans"

Date of foundation: 12.08.2015

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