No personal items were allowed / REUTERS
No personal items were allowed / REUTERS

Mariupol city authorities have published unique footage from the filtration camp of the Russian occupiers in the village of Bezimyanye.

Video evidence of the crimes of the Russians was posted in the Telegram by the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol Petro Andryushchenko.

“Filtration camps in the village of Bezimyan have been turned into a real ghetto for Mariupol residents… Almost four weeks ago, the occupiers forcibly removed all men from the Guglino, Myrnyi, and Volonterivka districts. About two thousand people who were placed in the village. Nameless and in the village. Cossack of the Novoazovsk district. Formal drive – for filtering. No personal belongings were allowed to be taken with them, passports and other identity documents were confiscated”, – the official said.

The men were placed in the school and club. The video shows the school in Bezymyany.

They have been kept in the camp for almost a month, not being allowed to leave the territory without a convoy of russian troops.

Filtration camp of the occupiers from within

According to witnesses, people are forced to sleep on the floor in the corridors. Medical care is not provided.

The first case of tuberculosis was recorded in the camp, as a result of which the racists turned the school gym into an isolation ward for patients without doctors.

The first case of a man’s death due to the occupiers’ refusal to call an ambulance was recorded in the village of Kozatske.

Twice a day, in the morning and at 9 pm, in the absence of any of the detainees, the occupiers promise to intensify torture and shoot other detainees.

“Three meals a day is a real balanda, for hygiene there is only one sink with cold water for thousands of people. Hygiene as such is lacking, which increases the incidence among detainees”, – Andryushchenko wrote.

The documents are not returned to the Ukrainians, instead everyone received a filtering paper, but it does not give them the right to leave the camp.

There were some attempts, but the men were detained and beaten. The last time the prisoners tried to break into the UN and Red Cross evacuation buses they saw from the windows.

All detainees, including people with disabilities, are involved in forced “improvement” work in nearby villages under russian escort.

“As for the future, the occupiers emphasize that they have not yet decided whether to use people as labor to dismantle the debris of Mariupol or to mobilize the occupiers into the army. At the same time, on Monday, May 2, the line-up announced that the men would be involved in a parade on May 9 in Mariupol in the role of “prisoners”. Why will they be dressed in the uniform of Ukrainian soldiers”, – Andryushchenko said.

In the Guglino, Myrnyi and Volonterivka districts, women left without men are hiding from the occupiers for fear of being raped. Rashists are actively looting their homes.